[Video] Dowgate Fire Station open day!

On the 12th of November I took a trip to Dowgate open day and was lucky enough to interview female firefighter, Hannah Bailey!

I initially heard about the open day on Twitter, and was allowed to come down for the day to do some filming. The open day at Dowgate was one of 65 open days at various different fire stations in London throughout 2016. This was the penultimate one, so I was very grateful to stumble upon it online just in time. These open days were to celebrate the London Fire Brigade’s 150th anniversary, and allowed the public a chance to meet their local firefighters. The day consisted of adults and children trying on uniforms, using the hose, sitting inside fire engines and even meeting the brigade’s dogs.

Despite the weather being horrific, the turn out was amazing and it really gave the public and myself the chance to see what firefighting was all about. I left thinking about how these open days can encourage more women into the fire service, really giving them a chance to see firsthand what the role entails.

Before heading down to Dowgate, I was unsure whether any of the firefighters stationed there were female. Luckily, I got the chance to meet the lovely Hannah Bailey, and she was more than willing to be interviewed. Here is a short video I took of the open day, and part of my interview with Hannah.


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